Code of Conduct

2018 Southridge Youth Cheer (SYC) - Sideline Cheer Code of Conduct


Cheerleaders will attend all designated practices and events.

A parent will contact the team parent if a cheerleader is going to be late or not able to attend an SYC practice or event. Attendance records will be kept and reported to the cheer board.

Cheerleaders are to be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to practices and 30 minutes prior to games, and must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after practices and games.


Game Uniform Pieces: shell, skirt, black briefs, leggings, jacket, sweatshirt, rain jacket, game bow, Nike shoes, NO-SHOW socks, and poms. *Your team parent will decide what to wear depending on the weather.

Uniforms will only be worn to games and events as designated by SYC.

Practice Attire: SYC practice tee, black cotton shorts and athletic type shoes (no uggs, slip-ons, etc). When the weather gets colder cheerleaders should wear any SYC or Southridge HS top, black stretchy pants, and athletic type shoes (no uggs, slip-ons, etc)

Cheerleaders in uniform or wearing any SYC item must always conduct themselves in a manner becoming to an SYC member.


For safety reasons jewelry, watches, sunglasses and earrings are not allowed at practices or games.

Keep uniforms and game shoes clean.

Alterations of the game day uniform need to be approved by the board. Cutting, altering etc of the practice uniform is NOT allowed.

Bangs must not come below the brow line.

Nails must not extend over the end of the fingers; no nail polish on at games; no acrylic nails!


Cheerleaders are to maintain sportsmanship at all times.

Cheerleaders will cooperate with coaches, cheerleaders, team parents and SYC Board Members.

Respect will be shown to all Southridge Youth Cheer and Southridge Youth Football volunteers at all times. This includes Coaches, Board Members and Parent volunteers

Only cheers approved by the cheer board are allowed.

Cell phones are not allowed during practice or at games.

Social Media: SYC cheerleaders will not engage in bullying or other inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to; leaving unkind comments/posts and/or sharing offensive or inappropriate images, language, videos or other contents.


Cheerleaders MUST arrive in complete game day uniform to cheer at games. Team parents will decide what to wear depending on the weather.

Cheerleaders must have ALL game day uniform items in their bag if they are not wearing all items.

A cheerleader may be suspended from games or events for any of the following reasons:

Not following the conduct above, unexcused absences and/or excessive absences or tardiness.

In order to create and maintain a safe environment for all of our cheerleaders there will be no bullying, profane language or gestures, or acts of unsportsmanlike conduct from the cheerleaders, parents, spectators, or from any member of the cheer staff at any time. Any bullying, profane language or gestures, or acts of unsportsmanlike conduct by a cheerleader deemed by a board member will result in the following: 1st offense - verbal warning and parents contacted; 2nd offense - next game suspension; 3rd offense - dismissal from SYC.

Excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad, conduct likely to bring the squad or the programs reputation into disrepute such as: use of alcohol, drugs, stealing or fighting and as otherwise deemed necessary by the SYC Board may result in immediate dismissal from SYC.


Parents also have a responsibility to the program. Parents need to be respectful of all coaching staff, team parents and SYC members. Please do not criticize your child, coach, team parent, volunteers or other children during sponsored SYC events.

If you have an issue/concern with a high school coach, please talk with the team parent outside of cheer time.

Any discussion with a board member should be conducted outside of practice and game time. Please email SYC or schedule a time to meet or discuss over the phone. Contact information is available on our website or from your team parent.