General Cheer Team/Cheerleader Rules

Cheerleaders are to maintain sportsmanship at all times.

Cheerleaders will cooperate with coaches, cheerleaders, team parents and SYC Board Members.

Respect will be shown to all Southridge Youth Cheer and Southridge Youth Football volunteers at all times. This includes Coaches, Board Members and Parent volunteers.

Uniforms and shoes are to be clean at all times; wash uniforms on delicate cycle and hang dry.

Alterations of the game day uniform need to be approved by the board. Cutting, altering etc of the practice uniform is NOT allowed.

Bring your own water bottle (or more, if needed) to practice and games. ONLY WATER is allowed on the track area at games. No eating is allowed except a quick healthy snack if you have time during half time.

There will be 2 team captains at each game. The first captain will call the cheers during the first half of the game and the second captain will call the cheers during the second half of the game. Captains will be randomly picked for each game by the team parent or coach.

Use the buddy system when using the restroom (there is only a port-a-potty at Conestoga so make sure you go before practice!)

Cell phones are not allowed during practice or at games.

General SYC Rules

Any discussion with a board member should be conducted outside of practice and game time. Please email SYC or call a board member to schedule a time to meet or discuss over the phone. Contact information is available on our website or from your team parent.

In order to create and maintain a safe environment for all of our cheerleaders there will be no bullying, profane language or gestures, or acts of unsportsmanlike conduct from the cheerleaders, parents, spectators, or from any member of the cheer staff at any time. Any bullying, profane language or gestures, or acts of unsportsmanlike conduct by a cheerleader deemed by a board member will result in the following: 1st offense - verbal warning and parents contacted; 2nd offense - next game suspension; 3rd offense - dismissal from SYC.

Excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad, conduct likely to bring the squad or the programs reputation into disrepute such as: use of alcohol, drugs, stealing or fighting and as otherwise deemed necessary by the SYC Board may result in immediate dismissal from SYC.